Contest Alert: Win Nescafe Capuccino Packs!

I'm all for the little indulgences in life.

Life can be a little monotonous sometimes --- and boring. Sometimes we like boring. Just last night, I'd been complaining to myself how I overbooked myself, bordering on stretching myself too thin.

So today, I'm all about the little indulgences. A chapter of my favorite book before sleeping. A cup of capuccino in the morning. Wearing a nice sheath dress from Suite Blanco. Listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 while working.

If like me, you're enjoying your cup of Nescafe Capuccino, tag me on Instagram: @champagnedreams, @nescafePH, hashtag #indulgeinnescafecapuccino to win gift packs from Nescafe. Don't forget to do it for three days!

Enjoy and good luck!