Things I Love: Visioneering

A very smart person shared with me a visionary thought: "Ten years from now, everybody's going to be like you. Might as well be used to it now."

This thought had been on my mind since --- it was a reaffirmation of being who we are, in a world that tries to tell one how to be. I'm lucky to be in the presence of someone who thinks like this. My mind doesn't make it that far today. However, thanks to my job and my yoga practice, I am able to get a stab at envisioning and creatively visioneering the future.

I know what I want in the future --- but that's my secret. I'm thankful to be where I am now though, and hopefully, these things we do will lead to our goals in the next 5, 10, 15 years. Do you know what you want?

For today, what I can share with you are the things I'm grateful for:

A photo posted by Tara Cabullo (@champagnedreams) on Nov 11, 2014 at 2:56pm PST

Finally chose a planner for my 30th year: The Day Designer in Pink Ikat <3 b="">

Grabbing a drink with the girls {Shen, Liz, Ira and Gail} at this new joint called Moonshine in Jupiter. Catching Mockingjay. Breaking Lola


 times by actually coming home at 1 AM, haha! Profound conversations until the wee hours of the night. My bestfriend starting a new adventure. Eating my favorite fried squid from Pho Hoa more than once a week. Getting to use Philosophy's Amazing Grace as my scent for the week {review soon!}. Catching up on Grey's Anatomy. Finally getting groceries -- somebody's been too busy.  Getting a massage and then another one. Stocking up on baking tools.

Ah, life is good. I hope life is treating you well, too!