Things that Get Better with Age

I received a cake from a certain brand the other day and I'm thankful --- I just couldn't post it because I think the messenger tripped when the cake was delivered so it got a bit mushed. I'm a fan of this brand's deodorant and as a professional from the FMCG industry, I am glad that they are promoting age love. I am 17 days away from being 29.

Twenty nine.

One year more and I'm going into my thirties. To be honest, I haven't really planned out this part of my life so much as I had planned my twenties. My twenties has been amazing. I had this thought deep inside my head that things will just kind of play out when I hit 30. My life has been a blur lately, but a good blur. Sometimes, things are so slow and all too clear but still amazing nonetheless. I don't know why our culture dictates that it's bad to be old but I like older me. I like that I don't regret anything from my twenties versus things I did in my teens. In France, whose culture I've read so much on, as you know, they actually revere older women. And maybe older men, though I am not sure. In the Philippines, people lie about age or stop counting age altogether. Of course, I'm not wishing I'd wake up and be 90 tomorrow. You know what I mean.

Then again, I'm all for living and letting live.

In honor of aging, of aging well and growing up, here are some things that just get better with age. Here are some little reminders that even if your age is not in calendar anymore, age is really just a number.  


  • You and your parents act more like friends now. You're now done being a rebellious teenager and just fall into that adult relationship with your parents, especially now that you don't live with them. Living out of their house will almost always earn you their respect.
  • You're incapable of playing {dating} games. When you know you don't like someone, you stop seeing them.
  • Trips to the home furniture store is not a boring task anymore. Some weekends, it's actually the highlight. =P
  • No need to pad your CV. Your first ever sucky job is way behind you. And at this point in your life, you don't chase a job. The job finds and chases you.
  • It takes so much more now to intimidate you. So the girl your ex is dating is very pretty. You really would rather watch a rerun of FRIENDS before you budge.

I really don't know what's going to happen and given the historical performance of my life, it looks like it's going to be an exciting adventure. Can't wait!

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