Things I Love Sundays: Home

It's a week now since I've returned home and though I'm most thankful to be in my dream city, Paris, I was also very excited to come home. It's not very common in me --- if it isn't too obvious, I love traveling very much. And I love Paris.

But then I realized that home is not a place. It was a feeling. And I missed feeling at home. So I'm back, I'm home, all my stuff are unpacked and my sleeping patterns have gone back to normal.

Bye, London! You were charming! See you soon! 🇬🇧 #wanderlust #travel #london

A photo posted by Tara Cabullo (@champagnedreams) on Oct 10, 2014 at 1:16am PDT


Baked fish with parmesan which I cooked just right now and ate in a few minutes. Hanging out at home, high school style {hi, Liz!}. Jo Malone things.  Accomplishing work tasks one by one, on time. Fun lunch times with my colleagues. Photography conversations. Skin getting back to normal after returning. Missing my travel buddies ALREADY.  Getting my Saturdays back, aka my life entangled in bed sheets all day. Getting to apply makeup AGAIN. Having time to sleep in, cook, clean my home, speak Filipino, and eat Asian food.


I'm happy to be home, is all!

Happy Sunday!
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