Beginning the Year with Travel: Siargao

One of the best things that happened to me in 2014 was that I began the year traveling with some of the very best friends I have in the world. I think it did contribute to me traveling so much in 2014 that my friends promptly called my 2014 the year of travel. For 2015, I'd been in Manila for the new year's but since we get another new year {thanks to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, hooray!}, I get to start fresh and start the year traveling. I just finished packing my bags just now and this time, I'm returning to my favorite local destination, Siargao.

I'm pretty sure it's never the same travel twice so I'm excited for what's in store for me this time. I am hoping I haven't forgotten to surf though. And that signal in the island is better now. I hope.

See you again soon, Manila.
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