How to Plan an Epic Bridal Shower

One of the inevitable things that can happen to a girl in her late twenties is having to plan her close girlfriends' bachelorette party. If you're in the same age bracket as I currently am, one of the things that's probably boggling your mind is: How to plan an epic bachelorette party.


It's my first time to truly, truly plan something of this kind, as I've only been a mere participant in previous showers I've attended. Thanks to those, I've seen my fair share of very conservative ones {sparty} to ones with raunchy male guests and semi-tame male guests. The games have been fun from couple trivia to the naughty kind so I guess it was indeed time for me to plan something like it.

Of course, it all boils down to how well you know the bride. My best tip would be to really research on what the bride wants, because it's her party, after all. As for me, the bride and the guests were equal parts conservative and adventurous so it was easy to gauge on what to put into the program.

  1. Check the date with the bride. Surprises are fun but a bride's life is crazy busy even up to the days leading to the wedding. Do make sure you check it with her or somebody super close to not mess up her calendar of activities.

  2. Team up with a family member. Or if you're the bride's sister, team up with a friend. It was easy for me as the bride had sisters whom I had ease of working with. She was in charge of all the trivia for the games and I was in charge of the other program elements such as the venue and the special number. It made my life so much easier.

  3. Choose the guests well. Know which ones the bride would like to see in this intimate gathering and which ones she'd appreciate not seeing.

  4. If the guests are contributing, do orient them ahead of time. It helps to align everybody on costs and contributions. It helps to have a checklist as well.

  5. To strip or not to strip. It was a huge question for us as we had to decide whether to hire one for this. As the group have decided, we did hire, and rest assured, it was not vulgar at all. I highly recommend Manila Secrets for your male guest needs.

  6. Choose a venue and be smart with deals. We had ours at Victoria Court in Pasig, and I am glad to have chanced upon a group deal for it, so we got it at half price for 5 hours. Hooray!

  7. Make the bride feel special. No bride shaming, no digging up of past lovers and secrets. Remember, it's the bride's day and you want to make her feel special on the last few days of her singlehood. Don't steal her thunder in any way.

Goodluck with planning the bachelorette party! 
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