Three Ways You Can Look Like You Don't Have (a ton) of Makeup

There was this article I've caught in my feed that piques the little attention I give to not so important issues in life. I can't say I agree completely, nor do I disagree with it. For the most part, I've always been a believer of enhancing what you have and making use of your natural assets. I also believe in not piling up foundation and looking like a drag queen in broad daylight. My friend Liz has deeper insights on this and shared her own response to each bullet point and for the most part, I agree these things needed to be said out loud.

The other small part is like, "To each her own but whatever." If you're thinking of trying to achieve the perfect balance of not piling on the gunk, I have some suggestions for you :)

  1. Moisturize well. I think that a lot of women whose makeup cake and appear pasty or powdery often forget one important step: applying the right amount of moisturizer. Finding the right moisturizer, after cleaning your face with a facial cleanser that's fit for you is one of the most important steps in ensuring that #2 will stay on and look natural.

  2. Use a light BB cream. Powder foundations are the ultimate clue to wearing makeup but we don't wanna look like wearing a lot, don't we? I love Pond's ultimate BB cream because it gives that teenager dewy glow!

  3. My lips but better, please. Our favorite local lipstick brand Happy Skin has just collaborated with Pond's to come out with a shade called #NoMakeupLook and it's just the most natural looking shade ever!

The set above excluding the flowers and book sells for PHP 799 at major retailers nationwide.