What I Know For Sure: What Love Isn't, When it Isn't

I'm typing a quick blog post before I collapse into my bed. It has been a roller coaster of several weeks since I arrived from Melbourne, started a new job and hit the ground running. The ultimate piece de resistance of the last few days is attending the intimate wedding of 70 guests today, of one of my close, very best friends in the world. There were a lot of happy tears and through it all, I remember knowing what love is, and what it isn't. 

It's looking through all the dirty, crazy past, it's forgiving endless times, it's being not entitled and standing and persevering with grace and humility. It's not counting mistakes, not keeping score and finding ways how to win. It's not demanding anything. It's so much generosity without the promise of anything. It's being there because you want to, not because of any gain. There may be nothing to gain and yet, you hold on. It's trust, a lot of it. It never fails. 

And that is how I know I'm not there. I'm not that. At least not yet. I've acted the most entitled I've ever been lately, destroyed and broken something I didn't intend to break. Sometimes we confuse many things with love. I sure did, and in the end it broke.

And what I don't have right now, I can't give.  

Despite that, I'm glad that my best friends have it and they have it forever. And before I doze off, I'll leave you with one of my favorite photos of today: 


Because love :) Good night!