Why You Need to Register and Vote {if you're 18+}

One of the things I'm very proud to have done over the weekend was renew my registration as a voter. I haven't voted since I voted last for Raul Roco for the presidential post, and that alone tells you how long ago that was. 

I haven't voted since because I moved homes since, and coming back to where I was registered was too strenuous and needed so much effort. In effect, the reality of not voting was far more exhausting. Today, while I think it has been better, we still feel the effects of poor voting: politicians with questionable credentials get elected into position by the underprivileged in both rural and urban areas. The middle and upper classes have become apathetic to elections, thinking nothing else will come out of filing a vote.

I know there's just one of me amongst so many who will still refuse to vote and be stuck in this kind of mentality. But it's our right -- and if you let go of that right, someone else could very well use it and take it away from you.

Also, SM and Robinsons just partnered with COMELEC to make things easier {I registered through SM Aura} so we really don't have an excuse. All one needs to do is bring an ID with the current address, or in my case, an ID and billing statements. Now, if they also made voting precincts easily accessible, that would be amazing.

Happy Monday!