Things I Love Sundays: Respect

What a week. Like I've been saying in some quick blogs, I haven't really had time to breathe and spend time doing what I want to do. I haven't owned my weeks and each day is one task after another. I haven't experienced overlapping meetings in a long time and it was refreshing. Some days are chill-er than the others but nonetheless full of dynamism, it's almost new for me.

My colleague asked me how my week went and I drew out a long sigh of contentment and a mix of "Where do I begin?" My weekend was particularly active -- from a brunch workshop + Instagram party with the queen of blissful, mindful living, Martine de Luna, where I got to discover new recipes, new uses for a rice cooker and cook and Instagram pretty photos. I met my long time blog "idol," too, Joey of 80 Breakfasts!

After hours upon hours of poring over recipes, tasting yummy juices, making brunch and Instagramming before we ate, I headed to Makati to catch a play, especially made for HIV awareness, The Normal Heart.  The play is about a group of gay men in the 80s trying to raise awareness about HIV and testing. It was a pretty heavy movie, but socially relevant, most especially. It has a movie counterpart,  which I've embedded below:

There has been a lot of talk about homosexuality of late, and I suppose, this intensified when the US legalized same-sex marriage in the US last week. I am one of them who've changed their profile photos on Facebook in support, though, for the benefit of people who might wonder, no I am not gay. I am also Christian, if that needed to be said.  I have no litany of why I support why people should be allowed to get married, except that for me, everybody deserves to have the benefits from a free government like healthcare, being next of kin, tax implications, and all those things. I am aware of what the Bible said of homosexuality but I've also learned from being a Christian that to love another is to love unconditionally and not to take note of another's wrong. In a small way, this is how I choose to love my gay friends and even family members who are gay. 

Anyway. Shortly after The Normal Heart, I ran off to Solaire's Theatre, which was rather pretty and new and fresh with nice acoustics, to watch Saturday Night Fever, a musical based on John Travolta's movie back in 70s or was it 80s? All I know is I now can't stop listening to the Beegees' Stayin' Alive, LOL.

In other news, I've been swimming regularly again, listening to 2000s pop music and getting back slowly to playing football, shooting products and videos. And yes, back to 100 crunches every day. Still a far cry from Britney Spears' 1,000 during her heyday but still. What a feat.

How are you? How's your week? Tell me! :)
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