On Transformations

Welcome to the very first post of my 2016! Can't believe my original draft actually crashed {huhu} but here we go anyway.

I'd been looking at 2016 as a year of betterment, a means to motivate myself into transforming into the adult I've always wanted to be. I don't believe and expect any person to change for me, but I think there will always be room for improvement in any life. Below are my short term transformation goals:

  1. Get better at fitness. I don't intend to have flat abs but I believe in being in my healthiest state. This means that this is the year that I work on eating more mindfully, sleeping earlier than I intend to, exercising whenever I can, at least thrice a week for starters, kick my bad habits and drink enough water. Not a very ambitious transformation at all!

  2. Get better at my spiritual health. I think I have a fairly ok relationship with Jesus but I also think this can be improved even more. I think I still worry a lot {a sign of lack of trust!}, get anxious every now and then, and catch myself being judgmental to myself and other people.

  3. Acting in service and humility. Many many times since 2016, I caught myself becoming more and more self entitled. My theory is that if one is not as mindful and self aware, one will tend to focus on "what do I want," "what's in it for me" and "what can you do for me?" I abhor that I am behaving like this and true, I am only human. However, one of the values I was instilled upon and something I try to do as much as I can is humility, that to me, means thinking of myself less. I want to constantly remind myself that I exist in the world to serve others, not myself. That's not saying not to love myself, that's an entirely different thing.

  4. To assume the best from anyone. For a while, I had a propensity to ascribe negative intent amongst my peers, friends and even family. I find this disconcerting -- and I want to change this immediately.

However, if you find yourself hankering for other forms of transformations, our friends from Cream Silk are inviting all of us Modern Filipinas:

See you there!