Things I Love Sundays: 8GB of RAM

I think that RAM requirements in life are quite relative -- most days, I lived at 4GB, to be honest, both my Mac and me. However, this week kind of whipped my ass and my wallet into buying a much needed new machine, which prodded me to have to get an 8GB one. Didn't realize that my life, just like my machine needed to be processing speed at 8GB speed.

Let me get back to you on how that's all working out. Mean time, let me share some snaps from the week that was, very few of them, really. 

I miss blogging. I haven't blogged in so long because I've just been so tired of life -- I've kind of devoted my non working time resting and unplugging and just being my introverted self. That, plus I'm very happy working on my personal projects of redecorating our place! 

This is What I Learned This Week: That one need not walk out all the time and most of the time, we really, truly need to choose our battles.

Happy Monday and week ahead! :)