Things I Love The Most Edition: LONG WEEKENDS!

I bet that if you're from Manila, you're either swimming in bliss for the long weekend or is out of the country or town. As for me {and my boys}, it has been weekend of applying home improvements. We've had our new aircon installed, after living with a busted one in the living area, for maybe almost a year. We also finally replaced Mike's old ref with a new one despite the old one haven't been sold yet. We had our couches and chairs steam cleaned and sanitized. We met with a couple who are to do our furniture for my home improvement project and that was super fun {and adult-ish!}.

It had been a crazy week, as always. I continually ask myself if it's what I want myself, like any other sane human being and I continue to fight and overcome challenges. Some days I wonder if my chest hurts because I'm having a little heart attack but I wake up again and it's all good. And then I wish sometimes I would have a job like Kim K's HA HA.

This weekend has also been a weekend to have been committed to understanding and appreciating whiskey. Our whiskey appreciation weekend started by Thursday, when Mike found this Kavalan Solist bottle in Pioneer Center, a sherry cask whiskey with raisin notes {yummy!}, also the World of Whiskey Champion in 2015. 

By Friday, after a successful iPhone 7 launch at work, the gang and I had a round of beers and wine and soon after, Mike and I went around Whisky Live Manila 2016 to taste international whiskeys sample their drinks. My first stop was Bruichladdich Laddie, which was ok, fruity --- I don't even have words to describe whiskey, I'm still on the pretentious stage that I actually know what I'm tasting. All I know is I love Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Kavalan Solist. Next, I tried Kavalan Port Cask, also fruity and smooth, none of the earthy tones that smells like a grandfather. I now remember Robin Scherbatsky's unforgettable line in How I Met Your Mother: "I love whiskey that's old enough to have its own whiskey." Macallan 12 next, which BTW won Whiskey Champion that night, but then again it's always been a crowd favorite. Mortlach was another surprising favorite for that night.

Something I learned this week: Just because I can do everything, doesn't mean I should. Doesn't mean you should, too. :)

This weekend was also about surviving without broadband and being patient with customer service but finally getting back on. SUP, YO! In other news, I've been just home and being happy staycationing with my entertainment below:

Black Mirror is my choice of entertainment and WOW it just blows my mind, and I scare myself a lot with this. BUT so so so good! My favorites so far are episodes 1 and 4!

This is Us is my new favorite drama -- I watch this when I need a legit reason to cry HA HA - and honestly, I get tired of intellectual shizz too, so I come to this when I need to be warm and fuzzy inside. 

DOCTOR STRANGE is my new favorite Marvel movie :D I'm obviously not a Marvel geek but I know stuff about this now and I loved Doctor Strange a lot -- it wasn't at all hard to digest and it didn't have boring bits, at least for me. I find Benedict Cumberbatch very appropriate to be Stephen Strange, he portrayed him and his sarcastic character well!

Butters in his Angel costume from his Gramma! :D

Butters in his Angel costume from his Gramma! :D

Adult life these days include a christening of a little boy that happened to be Little Prince - themed. LOVE! :)

What have you been doing this long weekend? :)