K Palette: The Brow Authority

Remember this photo? I'm feeling like blogging tonight while we are digesting some piaya and Black Mirror, lol. It's the last few hours of this long weekend and I'm somewhat ready, operative word: somewhat. Maybe. We will know tomorrow. For now, I just want to share with you how amazing the new formula and format of K Palette is:

There are many brow products that any beauty editor would use for different purposes, at different points of her life but here's why the K Palette Eyebrow Pencil is THE eyebrow authority:

  1. They've focused on one product and one face feature alone - the eyes. Over time, K Palette has consistently improved their product lineup and have produced several shades. I remember the old shades used to be just two!

  2. K Palette remains to be the most waterproof of them all and the one that outlasts everything for the whole day.

  3. The price is mid-tier so if you end up finding your holy grail in it, it won't be too hard to maintain every quarter or so.

  4. Available online, or at all Beauty Bar stores, too at PHP 795.

Happy Wednesday! xx