Things I Love Weekends: Freedom

I used to underestimate the value of my freedom. I used to hate that I had so much time to think and introspect about things. I used to have actual free time that it's so shocking I don't have any now. Not that I've become anything -- just busier, I guess. Life just keeps happening week after week, with some challenges thrown in the way. It had been a very challenging week, but I made it out alive. I'm thoroughly thankful for the grace I've been given, I don't deserve these all.

In other news, below are snaps from my week, despite everything. 

Finally, our photos for the K Palette Digital Campaign is out. This one is taken by THE Pat Dy, for The Brow Authority. I'm a big fan of K Palette, for always looking natural on our eyebrows and for having 4 shades available, too! {available at all Beauty Bar branches}

Butters and me at Promenade, Greenhills last weekend. Brunch with my boys is just one of the best things ever. 

Life is more amazing with bellinis, mimosas and just plain champagne. Champagne is lyf, as they say. Brunches at Blackbird are the best :)

This is me this weekend. I haven't been posting photos of myself because the truth is I hate how I've looked lately. This photo was taken by Mike and he insisted I post it without any edits because he thinks it more beautiful than any of the fully made up, fully VSCO-d photos I have. So here it goes.

This weekend was all about Globe's Cartoon Network event, too so everybody who was there got to meet and greet Finn and Jake and the Powerpuff Girls!

There's a new neighborhood that we have been frequenting quite a lot -- The Grove by Rockwell along C5. I love that it's quiet and that dogs can just roam walk around, in fact we remove Butters from his leash when we're here. I also love that I get to enjoy Pi Breakfast & Pies' Caramelized Spam and Kimchi. OOOH SO GOOD! 

Also, throwback to my solo Eurotrip last year, which is now immortalized through my interview with Read it here.

Also, I've been watching videos on how to handle relationships via YouTube / TED. What a time to be alive that you can just YouTube everything.


Have a great week, everyone! xx