Things I Love Sundays

I started the weekend at the ER of The Medical City -- suffering from a bout of gastroenteritis. Everything is hunky dory now though, my tummy feels more normal now, life is fun and clean after a session of oral prophylaxis. 

The week was just right --- work has been busy enough, a lot of challenges coming up to keep me on my toes, my bestfriend is in town, I got to enjoy a massage every night and I always have good food to consume. On top of that, I have had enough time to pray and meditate. Life has been awesome :)

Valentine's Day last weekend came in the form of a new charm <3 Happy to be spending my second Valentine's Day with this one.

And since we're cheesy: I'm just so glad that most nights, these two are all it takes to make my life happier. I've learned so much being alone and by myself for many years, but when these two came, it was like discovering a new kind of happiness, I'm so glad I get to have :)

Catching up with my former boss turned close friend, G over Spanish food and wine :)

The reason behind my nightly massages? This spa app Zennya. It makes it easier than calling! :P
And no need to have cash on hand because everything is via credit card!

What made you happy today? Tell me! :)