Things I Love Sundays: <3

Morning hugs and kisses with Butters and Happy Friday dances. Getting to tune out the world while working and daydreaming about interior design and flowers. Knowing you are a priority :D Talking about politics, HOC and GOT. This Goody Tangle Fix brush <3

Watching the Golden State game on Sunday noon, living in hugs and kisses all day. This thoughtful gift from my friend Carla, who already left for LA. I'm seeing her in a week for her wedding! Can't wait! :)

Getting campaigns approved {FINALLY!}, seeing an old friend and being okay with it, catching up with the best friend over Japanese Peruvian food and ice cream.

Cheering a friend up, finding those pocket of moments to laugh out loud, getting through challenging career moments, planning out California outfits and getting personalized press kits such as this one:

It's been an amazing week. I hope you're having a great one, too :)