Tara's March Beauty Finds: Foundation, Toner and Hand Cream

Ola! :) It's been a while since I've done some hard work on the beauty side of things and I miss it --- though I find myself leaning towards career and home posts lately. I think I'm hitting a slump in my beauty routine. My skin has been crazy dry lately and I don't know why. Time to visit a derma, I guess.

1. The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in Sahara 03, PHP 1,295. It was a fine day of March to try out this super light foundation that has medium coverage. It has been getting very hot and the feel of having thick foundation on was too much to bear. I love that the TBS folks knew my shade {Hi Doly and Danica!} and that this foundation has no scent whatsoever. It covered light blemishes, there were no allergic reactions and lasted most of the day.

2. Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Toner, PHP 1,578. It's been a while since I've used a toner, to be honest. When I took on my telco job and had Butters, my skincare regimen has significantly whittled down. I rarely change my lipsticks anymore and I've been skipping on the toner. To be fair, I did have great skin until recently, my skin dried out a bit :/ I've rummaged through my stash and found Tony Moly's Naturalth Goat Milk Toner and LOVE how it's just moisturizing but gets dirt out and it does feel like my moisturizer, currently Embryolisse, seems to be more absorbed by my face. YAY!

3. Tony Moly Happy Panda Hand Cream, PHP 578. Ahihi, so cute and my hands feel much softer and LOVE the scent. Do I really need more words for such a cute product? :)

That's it for beauty today. Happy Monday! :)