Korean Chronicles: Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion Review

AH, Korean cosmetics. Before deciding I wanted to blog and write this review, my Facebook Messenger was firing up fast, and I was in a very deep discussion with a friend about another Korean brand, which I will tell you more in the future. Today, I want to share with you my review on one of the fastest growing trends in beauty: Healing Cushion Foundation.

When MK Universal, the company who distributes this brand, reached out, they were very thorough in asking questions such as my skin type, allergies, what's my skin like everyday. When they sent me a package, it was like this. SO CUTE!

WHAT are Cushion Foundations anyway? Essentially, these are BB cream/foundations within a sponge and in a compact for easier application. It's all the rage now, even big companies like L'oreal are coming up with their own, as well as Bobbi Brown. Of course, I can't help but get back to trying this, the first one being Laneige's Cushion Compact some 3 years ago.

What I Love About It:

  • Lightweight and feels like skin

  • No scent

  • No allergies

  • Medium to Heavy coverage; can build on, if needed

  • Comes with an extra sponge. YAY!

  • Supposed to be healing but I don't have anything to heal on my face so I don't know :P

  • It created that dewy effect Korean women always have. YAY!

  • SPF 50! Hooray!

Messy Hair, Don't Care :P

Messy Hair, Don't Care :P

What I'm Not Very Impressed About:

  • Cannot withstand this extreme heat --- to be fair it has been really humid :/ But if you're staying in an airconditioned room the whole day, it's good :)

  • $38, I believe this can only be ordered online, too.

Would I use it again? Yes!