Things I Love Sundays: Challenges

It has been one of the most challenging weeks of my life. Can't really go into details but it involved a lot of preserving my dignity and some harsh words. I kid, I kid. But it really has been challenging and many times, I wished I was just staring into Butters' face instead of dealing what I had to deal with. Speaking of Butters ...

Butters turns 1! Sigh, I can't explain in eloquence the love I have for this puppy but I am sure that any reader who is also a pet mom will understand the depth of loving a pet. Butters has given me so much joy in the past 9 months {I got him when he was 3 months} and my life has completely changed since. I am so much happier because of him and what he does to me, waiting for me even if I left him the whole day. I would've thrown him a proper party but it's so hot outside and his puppy pals won't be able to play at our place anyway so we had a simple celebration of banana oat, sweet potato and liver cake. I made Butters wear his suit, too!

In other news, I'm trying to eat healthy again because I am getting bigger, darn, and I feel sluggish already :/ I've also started having a plant on my desk + we watched Civil War last Wednesday! Team Chris Evans OMG.

These are my girls from Colgate Palmolive. I never expected to have such long lasting friendships but I'm glad I do. :)

When I'm sad and challenged and stressed out, I think about the friends and fun I have going to beauty parties with these girls and my fave, Estee Lauder, which opened their first standalone store in SM Aura, too! YAY!

So happy to have had my parents in the same time zone and in my city for the past two weeks! I mused to my mom how fun it is to have over and make my coffee ha ha :P But you know what I mean. They've headed back to the US now and I miss them already, too.

ALSO, Facebook is now here in PH! Congrats!

Anyway, the best part of my week was not the ones captured in photos, rather those moments that makes me realize how lucky I am, despite having days that challenged my integrity and dignity. That's being able to be with my loving, accepting parents, and coming home to my man, who upon knowing it's been a bad day, proceeds to gather my favorite dinner and dessert {bingsu!}, cuddling after a tough day's work with puppy and getting a massage before sleep. It's so simple, I realize but I also acknowledge that it had been not too easy to get here. It's not something to be taken for granted. 

Anyway, I wish you have someone to cuddle with too, this week, my dear readers :)