Happy Skinned with Happy Skin SS Creme

I've wanted badly to have my hands on the Happy Skin SS Creme after hearing from many beauty blogger friends how this is their favorite amongst Happy Skin foundations. I've reviewed Happy Skin's ZZ Creme here, but since I'm currently not acne prone, thought I'd give it a try since I now have it, YAY!

I'm elated to know that this formula doesn't have silicone and no salicylic acid, too, unlike ZZ Creme. I like that it's a little gooey and thicker than the ZZ Creme and finishes off matte against my oily skin. I LOVE.

What I Love:

  • Lightweight. OMG with this heat, I don't think anybody can be bothered to slap on heavy stuff! Not me! It's interesting to note that even beauty bloggers simplify themselves during this kind of weather.

  • No scent. Which means things are kept hypoallergenic.

  • Medium to Heavy Coverage. Initially, it makes up a medium coverage but one can easily build on it.

  • Soft Beige is my color. I think there are just two shades though.

  • Happy Skin SS Creme retails for PHP 1,199 online or at all Plains & Prints branches and Beauty Bar stores.

I find that having the right foundation in the right weather and right application is the key to having long lasting makeup. I'm happy that Happy Skin delivers!