#BatheWithLux: Lux Soft Touch

These days, even shower time has become sacred luxury time. Life is becoming more and more hectic! The other day, I lingered in bed some more, around 20 minutes more before getting up and taking a shower. That day, I gave myself the privilege of taking a bath as I want to, scrubbed my skin as I want to, massaged my head as I lathered my green shampoo. I smelled my bottles in the bath as I chose what to use and in that very moment, I was so happy to be able to forget everything else for once and just be happy in the confines of my bath tub.

The next time you think of choosing your bath buddy, consider snatching a bottle of Lux's Soft Touch body wash at department stores or supermarkets. The scent is divine {even my favorite ATL person at work thinks so, hi Kumars!}, it lingers on the skin, it bubbles up well and it has SilkEssence which makes skin soft and French Rose Infusion yum! If you want to get yourself a free bottle of this, @LuxPH is holding an online contest! To join the Lux IG contest - post a selfie, answer why they love having fragrant skin and use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch. The contest will run from April 28 until May 28 and winners will be announced through the Lux PH Instagram account.

Good luck!