Things I Love Sundays: Rom Com Kind of Week

It's so funny how a little video of the Backstreet Boys pulled me up from a pool of spewing vitriol. You can say it had been a challenging week, but because I came across the BSB performance at Miss USA 2016, sang around with my boyfriend to All I Have to Give {more him than me, who was just laughing the whole time and wondering who he was in their high school version of BSB; I was Baby Spice in mine, of course}, I realized that I lived for moments of joy like this and no amount of external negativity can penetrate the happiness I have.

In other news, my first rom com this week was Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong starring Brian Greenberg and the super pretty Jamie Chung. To be honest, all I cared about the whole film was Jamie's outfits, and I rather obsessed at how thin she was at 30. As the unofficial queen of rom coms {I once topped a Rom Com Quiz Night, HUH}, this one fails to take me away make me feel floaty and fluffy. The lack of chemistry between Josh and Ruby was palpable onscreen and I gasped at straws to find witty lines, well-timed soundtracks or some sort of hipster nod to draw me in. I found none

In other news, this is my soundtrack as I write this piece, a little sunshine cutting through thick gray clouds of today:

On Thursday evening, I braved rush hour to get to Mega to see the first screening of one of my favorite chick lit books, Jojo Moyes' Me Before You. I remember crying my eyes out when I read the book. I ended up not crying, maybe a tear drop here and there. It was a cute watch, nonetheless.

Through the whole week, I kept repeating to myself that I deserved a glass of Glenfiddich {a brand of whiskey my boyfriend raves about} every night only to find myself in the comfort of my true love: vino. I had an impromptu session with my close girlfriends and had a much needed catch up. What a week it has been, glad we're here at that point that no alarms are needed, free to wake up at 11a and lounge around while sipping coffee and watching The Dubs win the game. 

I've also been giving cooking a hand once again -- little attempts at creating breakfast for Mike whenever I can. He seems to like it when I do --- so that makes me happier, and in many ways, I get to control our food intake, making it healthier and cleaner, too. I realize how that makes me sound like a tita  but yeah, I've fully embraced this lifestyle now: I am this kind of millennial, according to this article! We've even spent a good part of our Saturday evening at S&R :D

Despite the challenges, surprises and moments of bewilderment, I am glad to be where I am, who I spent time with, grateful for the love I am able to give and showered upon me, blessings everywhere, the coffee I wake up to, Butters, cuddles and even more love. I'm a very happy lucky girl :)

Happy Sunday!