What I Know For Sure: Daydreams

Last night, I mused how I don't get to daydream anymore. Every waking moment is a moment of adulthood, a moment of responsibility, a moment to be alive but with purpose, with necessity, it's an always on kind of moment.

You can say I'm experiencing some sort of tidal wave of emotions, the break down kind. For some odd reason, I tend to cry over the most mundane of things: Butters having diarrhea, finding a copy of Miranda July's No One Belongs Here More Than You, this version of Burnout by Johnoy Danao, Bullet Dumas and Ebe Dancel.

The only thing keeping me sane lately is that of my daydreams -- ones which transport me back to my youthful days, the days I had no worries, no tasks to do, no responsibilities in life. Every now and then I try to go back to that space in time and tap into how light, feathery and blissful it all felt back then.

In other news, it's been a sociable weekend again for me, Mike and Butters, as we brought ourselves down south for my best friend's baby shower! It was funny because she had no idea and thought we were just meeting up like our regular get togethers and took her sweet time shopping while everyone was hungry :D HAHA! Nonetheless, it was fun, nostalgic and truly amazing how you get to witness one's life stage change happening, from a single girl of the world into a mom to be. Strangely exciting and mildly intoxicating.

The three of us left sooner though to head to another friend's birthday after. I guess that's what happens as you get older, life milestones happen left and right, especially when at some point, you acquire more friends, too! Too bad we didn't have any photos. 

I just realized I don't post a lot of my photos now on IG and I realize it's all Snapchat's fault. :P Anyhoo, if you're on Snapchat, add me: taracabullo. See ya!