What I Know For Sure: Get My Life Back

Last night was one of those chill nights, playing card games, hanging out with Mike's friends {and eventually became mine}, catching up with friends, celebrating Anna's birthday, pigging out eating salted egg potato chips and creamy herb yogurt dip. It's one of those nights when it's just right --- nothing too outrageous but fun enough. The boys were geeking out over video games and the women over food, some beauty brands, Sam Claflin and food again. AH, GIRLS!

As all of these are happening, so had been my life -- or lack thereof. I look at what I have accomplished over the week and as much as I think I'm gaining heavier traction at work, meaning I've renewed my certifications, created solid strategies and launched campaign after campaign, I feel like I've been neglecting my personal life. I haven't worked out in a while, my blog has almost been defunct and I've only been seeing friends as an afterthought. On social media, I've stopped crafting thoughtful statements because when smart / intellectual people respond, I find myself exhausted by the thought of needing to answer back. I am tired -- and it's not me.

I miss my old self. I miss that girl who works on time, plans out hours so the day is equally divided amongst work and play and gets to cook healthy meals, too! She got to blog, pour out her thoughts, shoot photos, put on makeup, retouch within the day, read Harvard Business journals, maintain her ideal body weight and have healthy relationships. If there's anything I vow to do this next weeks, it's to be that girl again. It's been too long.

In other news, I'm loving LANY's songs, and this is what I've been listening to for days now:

Wish me some luck :)