Things I Love Sundays: Great Good Fine Ok

You can judge by how "uneventful" somebody's life is when all they've posted nothing but screenshots of their Spotify playlist with a humdrum caption like a 100 emoji or the title of whatever kerfuffle it is they're listening to.

I should know. That's what exactly my feed is. Not to overgeneralize, but that's me and my own excuse for the lack of outward activity. I'd been locked up in my own mind for most of the week, ingesting external news, happenings and thoughts 

You see, I had a UDD phase, a Bandang Shirley phase and then I settled into a Great Good Fine Ok playlist I made because all their songs were lumped into singles. I wasn't sure what their music is filed under, maybe indietronica, but with a lot of sense :P I discovered it before a meeting commenced and I've been hooked ever since. 

It's not true though, what I tell you of my week: it's not uneventful. It was rather interesting but I guess I've sunk back to a point wherein I'm not interested anymore in posting everything that happens to me. My faith, trust and belief have been questioned and challenged many times this week, and it's equally exhausting to stand by it, and see the enemy in the eye to fight it. Old ghosts have haunted me and my peace and it was not easy at all to keep walking in faith and fighting. At the end of the day, what seems to work is to just give all your worries to God so you can go to sleep and stop thinking about it.

Things are still not hunky dory, but I'm getting there. Speaking of which, some more movie recommendations because I've been parking myself in front of the TV and the cinemas a lot this week :P

Have an amazing Monday and a week ahead! :)