Things We Can't Forget: Skin Defense

Another summer has passed yet again and it's the second year that I've missed the beach. I haven't lounged much around in a bikini or any summer wear at all. No time, sadly. It's been even longer since I last had a tan. But beach or no beach, I'm your girl when it comes to sunscreen. And I'm the girl who will remind you to take your sunscreen even when it's raining.

More than just a sunscreen, The Body Shop's Skin Defence SPF 50 is your ultimate protection against the sun's rays even when it's gloomy, or against your devices' rays, even smoke and pollution! 

Surprisingly, TBS' Skin Defence is a cream to water formula that the skin seems to drink all up in instantaneously. The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 is the future of facial sunscreens, it also contains red algae and vitamin C to gently and gradually brighten the complexion.

A feather light, milk-to-water essence with broad spectrum UV filters, brightening
red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C, to help protect skin against multiple skin
aggressors, while providing utmost comfort.

  • UVA Protection: PA++++: Helps protect skin from UVA rays, including long UVA rays, which reach deep within the skin and accelerate the process of skin ageing.

  • UVB protection: SPF 50 helps protect skin from UVB rays that trigger redness and damage the skin’s surface.

  • Anti-oxidant: Helps protect skin from external aggressors such as environmental pollution that weakens the skin’s ability to remain healthy.

  • Anti-dullness: With red algae extract and vitamin C to brighten skin for a more luminous complexion.

I know, I know --- it's so easy to neglect SPF. It can be heavy and white-casty and seems so unnecessary. But I think I've met enough women who are older than me and made me look up to them and how they've been aging gracefully. Their secret? Religious application of SPF and avoiding the sun for some!

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 is available at all The Body Shop stores nationwide at 40ml for PHP 1,495.