What I Know For Sure: Learning to Fly

It's been a very tiring week for me this week. First time in a long time to experience back to back meetings, and by that, I meant switching rooms within an hour and moving around the building to catch meetings. Physically moving is always good but sometimes, it exhausts me to switch minds so many times within an hour. I guess this is why I take mental breaks sometimes by doing nothing at all. Or watching silly TV shows. This is why I take meditation breaks and just empty my head of all that's happening in the world.

This was my favorite part of my old place: the full wall window, floor to ceiling glass.

This was my favorite part of my old place: the full wall window, floor to ceiling glass.

In other, rather big news, this weekend was my moving out weekend. After 5 years, I've moved out of my place in McKinley Hill. As an ode to that era, I'm sharing with you the lessons I've learned over the years I've lived solo and enjoyed -- for the most part :P

  1. Making a choice, fully on your own, is one of the most liberating things in life. I remember those days, and I would always feel sh*tty some days because it's just me making my own decisions and I focused on the "no one cares" part of it. I took it for granted that I could go on a weekend on a whim: rather literally as in I woke up with someone asking me to pack my bags and fly to El Nido and go on vacation for the next 10 days. Now, I can't go on away from home for more than a day or half a day without giving instructions for Butters at home.

  2. Accumulating things does not guarantee happiness. I wish I learned this lesson before actually having the stuff -- then I'd have avoided having to declutter items, throwing out perfectly good stuff because I don't have space anymore. I wish I knew this earlier.

  3. I'm glad I spent time living alone. Definitely not always a joy being alone but living alone made me get to know myself, everything I stood for, how I like my plates, which ladles are my favorites, how to clean a toilet bowl, how to protect myself from possible burglars, how to wake myself up before a flight. I also learned how to cook and not subsist on takeaways or instant noodles. I also learned how to bake, keep myself from getting bored and to truly learn to love myself.

  4. The boxes will not unpack themselves. And it will most certainly drive you crazy. Consider this as a test of patience.

It's been two days since I've moved my stuff and I've also unpacked maybe 50% of the boxes. Hopefully, I'll be strong and patient again tomorrow to put away everything. Wish me luck!