#BenefitxSolique is the Pink & Gold Collection I Dreamed Of

I wish I was the type of person who was brave enough to expand my nail polish color choices to more colors like neon green and such. The truth though is that I tend to stick the ones I know work for me well and are near my color palette. Like pink and gold. What else is more flattering than pink and gold? As I repeated during the event to Solique founder and chemist, Janina Tan, I found the collection rather feminine but mature and elegant. Just how I like things!

The collection comes with five pieces of polish: a top coat, a base coat, a nude pink called Whimsy, a soft faint pink called Dream, a bottle of gold and pink flecks called Twinkle and a pearlescent pink in Charmed. SO PRETTY! It doesn’t hurt that the polish set has a gel finish and does not budge at all!

The complete set is PHP 1,300 and available at all Benefit and Girlstuff stores nationwide.

Benefit Holiday

HOLIDAYS mean holiday sets, too! Check out the goodies from Benefit: Confection Cuties, PHP 1260, valued at PHP 2,580), Goodie Goodie Gorgeous, PHP 1920, valued at PHP4,510 and Triple Decker Decadence, PHP 2,580, valued at PHP6,730.