My 2019 Lipstick Project Progress

The purpose of this blog has changed since the time I started this, to the time it became quite commercialized to now, back again to a time that blogs are little corners of the world away from the nonstop notifications of mainstream internet. Whereas before, I aspired for more people to read what I have to say, now, most days I just write for my own satisfaction and documentation and expression. It’s been very liberating.

So here’s what I have been busy with on the beauty side: I have been experimenting using each one of the lipsticks I have in my dresser, with no repetitions until I run out. So far, I’ve saved shades on days I didn’t go out, like sick days and no lipstick days. But happy to report I still have a lot to cover and this has been two months in so far!

The great thing I’ve learned is that: 1) I don’t need to stick to pinks or reds, and that in fact, I can look good in brown and in orange. If I never try — and not just in makeup counters — but try like for a full day, I will never know.

L-R: BLK Cosmetics, Happy Skin Warm & Toasty, Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Milkshake and Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Vacay


Stay tuned for the next batch!