The Month of March in Review

Most of March was a blur — this much I know. Mike calls it a period of growth for me: a point where I barely recognize what I do everyday and can’t yet master or foresee my near immediate future. I imagine a snake shedding off its skin, but I still feel very uncomfortable. Not very excited but I guess these are growing pains.

Most days, I just want to stay in bed.

But like a good soldier, as I keep getting to know about myself, I get up and go on about my life. I fulfill my responsibilities and keep on with my role in the world’s ecosystem. It hasn’t been very easy the past months but I am feeling better now. It’s like the clouds are finally clearing up and I can enjoy life again. I am grateful.

What I’ve Been Watching

Let me share some of the most notable things I’ve watched of late — and I sincerely hope you will enjoy them too:

On the Basis of Sex, 2018, is about the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight for gender equality in her younger years. I am not a proper movie critique — I was able to watch this during the Benefit launch for Cheekleader palettes in High Street. I didn’t expect to be so moved by this movie but in the end, I burst into tears. RBG, together with other female icons of this lifetime paved the way so we can enjoy the things we do today. It was all so humbling.



Meanwhile, the bronze palette is to die for too!

Meanwhile, the bronze palette is to die for too!

Speaking of Women’s Month, it’s my second year attending Drink Manila’s Women & Tipple and every time I am convinced I should take up mixology.

Sarah Santiago and Tara Cabullo Women & Tipple

L-R: Madame Bovary, Furiosa and Purple Unicorn | Gin-based cocktails from Women & Tipple

I don’t know what it is about cocktails but I have been finding drinking (in moderation) very therapeutic yet empowering. I hate that it’s not doing anything for my weight loss programs but getting to know more liquor and spirit types and being more knowledgeable with mixology is becoming more and more a passion for me.

More than just mixology, I was happy to discover more women in the alcohol business. The second time I was present at Women & Tipple, friends from Don Papa Rum were the hosts!

Don Papa Rum

L-R: Doña on Vacation, Talulah and Gone Girl

I had so much fun in this session because I am such a fan of Don Papa (a locally-made rum brand from Negros) and the cocktails were created by two mixologists, Icy Mariñas and Audrey Gustilo. I am so inspired! I think I want to become a mixologist, too!


All in all I want to say that March, however much a cliche it is by saying it’s a women’s month really empowered me to do things that I want to do — that is women-focused and empowering. I want to redefine the narrative of women — that it goes beyond wanting only beautiful things, or wondering about men {not that those aren’t important} but also increasing net worth, self esteem, deepening purpose and individual growth. I wrote some notes in my group The WWW, join if you haven’t yet!

As for me, I’m off to finish my Q1 personal report! :)