Bali, February 2019

“I’m a different person when I’m in Bali.”

I tell this to anyone who asks me about my trip and I never get tired of it, TBH. Bali takes out a long forgotten side of me that is hard to replicate in Manila. Or elsewhere. In Bali, I am comfortable in my skin, a lot of skin, I am loud and I laugh all day. I am light and fun and carefree.

Tropicola, Bali

Bali is a mood I don’t mind having a long time. It felt so far away, it was like every shitty thing back home didn’t exist. In Bali, I discovered how I’ve cut all my rough edges to fit the shapes I was meant to fit back home. It’s like I’ve shaped myself into this person I don’t know who anymore. Coming back, I was so happy, I was floating in clouds and at some level, I still am right now. I didn’t have to cut edges just yet though I’ve found myself crying at reality at one point.

Nothing very deep about my Bali trip this time — I mostly spent my time partying in La Favela, eating a surprisingly yummy dinner at Red Carpet Champagne Bar (just across La Fav!), a daytrip to Sundays Beach Club, falling asleep at Potato Head Beach Club every day and getting my fix of that Revolver Espresso. Everything in between was intangible — yet so important.

For now, here’s a photo dump 〰

Bali Sunset
Bali Bikini