Hong Kong, April 2019

It’s been more than 10 years since I last visited Hong Kong — and nothing bad, I just didn’t really have a lot of reason to. I’ve been going to HK for business trips but I guess I never really went around the way I would do now. I guess — downfall of traveling with people who were not really my age nor generation. And maybe a lot less curiosity than I do now. There wasn’t Instagram at that time, or at least it’s not how it looks now. To me, Hong Kong was the Hong Kong as most people knew it to be — like a tourist. But doing Hong Kong like a local changed all that. I kinda like travel better now as an older me. I know better when it comes to choosing plane experiences {Cathay Pacific always, if HK-bound}. Plane choices mean more than just size of seats and legroom — it means being located in Gate 1 vs. Gate 215. It means drinking whiskey while waiting for the flight instead of none. It means not having your foot stepped on while in line. All these things matter at one point and sometimes they don’t. But at this moment, they did.

The success of a trip includes how you create and plan the trip from the beginning. Important to of course, choose who you come with, the travel experience, pace and energy requirements. For my trip, I’m glad I did these choices. Sharing my Hong Kong list for you too!

Man Wah Cafe, 5 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay. This is my serendipitous little pork chop. We were so hungry after lugging our baggages from Manila so we ate at Man Wah. They didn’t have the best seller pork barbecue but I instead found porkchops AND OMG best porkchops of my life. Love you so much porkychop.


Madame Fu Grand Chinois Cafe, shop 03-101a blk, 3 No.10 Hollywood Rd. According to my friend Jill, this place is right out of the Tara Cabullo playbook. And yes, I loved having a mimosa and a new profile photo here. A number of servers were Filipinos so that was extra nice!


H KORE, 12/F Dorset House Taikoo Place. I am a firm believer of maintaining fitness routines during travel, even if there’s a lot of walking involved. So for me and my friend, our first order of business was to do a Lagree class at H Kore (via ClassPass!) and it was so awesome! H Kore gives complementary grip socks on your first class, have spacious showers, plush towels and fruits. I love it so much.

Blue Butcher and Meat Specialist, G/F, 108 Hollywood Rd. We stumbled on to this little gem of a happy hour when we did a round in PMQ (another fun place) and the gin and tonic for HKD250 was a GEM. They also had free cheeses with figs. BEST!

Blue Butcher Meat Specialist

PMQ, G/F, 108 Hollywood Rd, artsy shopping complex

Space X HK, 4/F, Winning Centre 46&48 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong Central

Space X HK

CE LA VI, 25/F California Tower, 30-32 D'Aguilar St, Central, Hong Kong | Perfect rooftop party place with chill music.


CASSIO, Hong Kong, Central, Wyndham St, 33號2/F, LKF Tower | A little more casual and rowdy and tight crowds but less mainstream music.


Yat Lok, Hong Kong, Central, Stanley St, 34-38號HK 香港島 中環 士丹利街34-38號 金禾大廈地鋪 Conwell House | OMG must try. And definitely worth lining up for.

Yat Lok

The Pawn, 62 Johnston Road Wan Chai, Wan Chai | Awesome brunch sets, three story building with different design per floor. Beautiful interiors, too!

The Pawn Hong Kong

Despite the small hiccups, I really loved this weekend trip <3 Definitely made me love HK again after a decade!