Making it Through this Summer

First of all —- if you have long hair, you need to chop it off ASAP. There is no way to make it through this summer sane with long hair. If you do, you must be a really patient person. I chopped my hair, well, the folks at jing Monis Salon did and best decision I did this season!

Long Blunt Bob

Change up hair care. Speaking of hair, I recently switched up my bathroom buddies especially my shampoo and conditioner. Mostly because I want long lasting fragrance and easy to rinse formula because of water interruptions UGH. Have you heard, Love Beauty & Planet has brought the Coconut and Mimosa Flower variant here too! I’m so happy!

Love Beauty Planet
Love Beauty Planet

Thirdly: Don’t forget your lips! My lips have been drying really bad lately when summer came in so this new line of Burt’s Bees 3 step lip care is perfect. As I type this, I have the overnight treatment cos lips have been chapped from walking out and about. HUHU.


Stay hydrated, my friends! xx