Things I Love Sundays: New Family

I’ve been in the other side of the world for a few days now and my body has adjusted better than it always has when it comes to jet lag. August has been an eventful month: it’s the birthday and anniversary of Puffins and Butters, respectively. It’s Mike’s and my anniversary and it’s my stepdad’s birthday, and my father’s death anniversary, too (on the same day, is that weird?).

Mike and I took ourselves and our dogs to Toyo Eatery in Karrivin Plaza for our anniversary. I’ve always wanted to eat there but it was hard to get a reservation so I waited for an occasion until we went. We chose the 16-course tasting menu and in a nutshell: it was a great way to experience the usual local ingredients — in a very elevated way. For example, the desserts were chocolate bonbons with fish sauce for saltiness. I loved the Chicken Soup take (aka tinola) the most, as well as the nilupak or the mashed banana appetizer. Another favorite is my everyday favorite, the tortang talong but my most favorite would have to be the cocktails, the Pasko, a lambanog cocktail. The whole restaurant is pet friendly, too!

Today, what brings me to the other side of the world is my little brother got married to my new sister in law! It was a very intimate wedding of less than 10 and a full party of less than 20.