On Roadtrips and Claustrophobia

I am not one to ever invite anyone, or even initiate the thought of going on a roadtrip. While I sometimes love the idea of driving [actual driving --- NO.], getting cramped in a vehicle, with radio music that gets crappier as you go farther, and signal that wanes every meter you conquer are far more relevant to me than conquering my testosterone-clad side of controlling the stick.

But I conquered my fear! On Labor Day Weekend, our group was supposed to have our mid year strategic planning. But due to stuff you never knew would happen, our plans were scrapped last minute and we had to make new ones -- on the road. First stop? La Union.

We arrived San Juan, La Union around 3 AM and immediately had drinks and dipped into the waves.

San Juan Surf Resort

R, Me [wiped out of course], J and J, 5AM

The gang

La Union was pretty much a surfer's site. Much of the people who checked in into Surf Resort were young, a lot were also foreign. I saw lots of Japanese guys who were sooo tan due to surfing and there were lots of 20-ish guests. Accomodation was at P 2,500 a night/6 people. This room is comparable to rooms in Puerto Galera with around 5-6 beds, a fridge, a bathroom and a TV. I am not sure how much they serve alcohol for, as we brought along the alkie supposedly for planning. :D I did read somewhere, though, that it's presyong sari-sari store. Surfing lessons are P 400 an hour, inclusive of board rentals. Just don't forget your rashguard.
So yeah, that's hella cheap.

As soon as we were done with breakfast, we hit the road and went on to Ilocos Sur

The rowdy crowd in Suso Beach [yes, I'm not kidding. In English, suso means
boob or snail, your pick.] Thankfully, no one was nude in the area.

Inside Cafe Leona, Vigan

They have weird words :D

Being pressed for time, our stay in Vigan was probably less than 3 hours, thus no need for us to check in. We walked along the strip of Vigan, shopped for Chichacorn [Ps. 42.00 for a large pack], Vigan Longganisa [P 120 for 1 dozen] and Basi Wine [P 120 for the small bottle]. We bought their famous empanada as well for if I remember right, P 25.00.

After more hours [eek, like 5 hours] of driving, Taiwanese radio drama and super zigzag roads, we finally reached Saud Beach Resort in Pagudpud.

The sand was heavenly white.

The caves in Blue Lagoon.

I can't get over it.

The rooms can accommodate up to 6 people, each having 6 beds. For the price of P 5,900 ea./night, the rooms are incredibly comfy, the bath has a hot shower, bidet and are tiled nicely. Each room lead to a common area with large tables ideal for drinking and playing poker :D

Poker nights, woot!

Windmills, baby.


Bonfire at the beach while Poker-ing and Pusoy-ing.
and this, on our way home:

Chilli Crab in Matutina's, Dagupan

Dagupan is known to have the best seafood restaurants in this island. Popular, or at least the ones we know are Dagupenya and Matutina's. We decided to try Matutina's and boy, was I glad to have done so. The Chili crab was only for less than P 200 and it was so big, the 6 of us [half of the delegation] had more than enough! The Buttered Shrimps were to die for, priced at P 150 but tasted like millions. Kangkong with bagoong was priced at P 50 and it was another gastronomic delight.

And even if I felt like Eve [our vehicle] was the hotel and the hotels were just tourist spots, I'd gladly do the roadtrip again -- especially if you've enjoyed the company. Agree?