Hauls and Updates

How I miss blogging.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of photo shoots, product concepts, styling gigs and more work. It's been fun but I certainly have missed doing non-work things such as blogging and reading blogs. 

So, first of all, work has been really great :D I get to decide what our models wear for the photoshoot [and thus having creative liberty]. I've worked with great models as well, so all's good :D I really believe I am very lucky to have my job which seems to have everything I want to do and I don't feel like any part of it is a chore.

Second, my BFF was able to book us a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in September!!! Finally, I will get to meet the BFF's friend Chris and it's gonna be a helluva trip with lots of beach-hopping, bars and drinking [eek.].

Third, the bedbug in me only got up last weekend for a pedi session at Get Polished and to get waxed at Lay Bare and church after but that was it. I was a BEDBUG!!!

And while I hasn't been able to do much blog-hopping, I've been able to buy some stuff over the weekend :) Since I will be attending a wedding in about 2 weeks' time, I decided to score a MAC Studio Fix in NC30, L'Oreal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Gel, Maybelline Cat Eyes Volum Express and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I was thinking I should give MAC Studio Fix [P 1,500 at MAC Glorietta] another chance since I definitely know how its coverage can work wonders. I have tried this way, way back in college when my friend's sister Nikki played with my face and did my make up during a college project. While I loved how it covered all my flaws, it seemed to irritate my allergy-prone skin and had minor blotches. I've never tried MAC again after that, until now. So far, my skin is not reacting to it, which is a good sign. :D I do think that it's a little dark on me. I failed to ask the SA and just assumed I was the shade of NC30 especially that my skin hasn't recovered and is still all tan from my Cebu trip. But it's not something I'm bothered with anyways so all good :D

I hauled up on the Maybelline Volum Express mascara [P 495, First Aid, Greenbelt] , too, after reading the Kikay Pinay's post on this, as well as The Sutil's, who proclaims this as her HG mascara. So, of course, I need to roadtest this, yes?

I bought the L'Oreal Deep Purifying Gel [P 330, First Aid, Greenbelt] on a whim. A guy officemate [take note, a straight guy] came up to me the night before I bought it and told me it WORKS. He said that it was unbelievably refreshing and took away the oil buildup on his face and his face felt so soft. I was SOLD.

As for the book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell [P 749, Powerbooks, Greenbelt] well, I'm geek like that. I actually like reading ones that seem to make some sense in the Management arena but are still easy-reads. Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors after I've read Blink and The Tipping Point. I hope this one doesn't disappoint.

So there, that's the last two weeks of my life in a breeze. :D Hopefully I get back to the groove of blogging, expecially I have a thousand of reviews to make, heehee.

Happy weekend, everyone!