I call this Travel Prep

Happy Triangle 2: Victorian Printed / Purple / Zebra
arrived from Soak Swimwear.

I've been waiting for the opportunity to buy Soak and since most of my beach travel plans for the past few months were often made last minute, I wasn't able to buy a pair from them. But now that my KK plans with D and C are months away, I made sure I didn't pass the chance before they get sold out [as of this minute, they are]. 

And speaking of deliveries, another online purchase came today, another proof that being on self-mandated bed rest can't keep you from breaking your wallet. My acid wash jean lust has overpowered the little discipline I managed to keep, thus, this:

Acid Wash Jeans in Gray
From Stylebreak
* They have nice stuff. It's a sin not to check them out. :D