And they were all yellow.

This morning at 3 am, while I was on my way home from Metrowalk, the rains poured angrily, I almost could not see the vehicles in front of me. At 8:15 am, I logged into Facebook to find out that former President Cory Aquino died of cardio-respiratory attack at 3:15am. The world mourns for her, her family and the country. I did not exactly witness all her heroic deeds, as I was a little baby back in '86, but I've learned a lot in school. I knew how she stood by Ninoy Aquino's side, carried her children alone when Ninoy was exiled and led the country in fighting for freedom. It still gives me the chills thinking about the things she's done. After all, Cory Aquino is a true exemplary of girl power, way before it resembled being a Charlie's Angel.

President Corazon Aquino, 1933 - 2009
The first female President of the Republic of the Philippines

Today, I might have not been a fearless female leader of some sort but in more ways than one, Ms. Aquino has inspired me. I pray for her family for they have not only lost a president, but a mother. She will be sorely missed.

*About the title: In the Philippines, the color yellow is almost synonimous to Ms. Aquino. The color yellow is a show of support to her during the time of the EDSA Revolution.