Things to be thankful for

Whenever I feel like sinking into a fit of depression, I count my blessings. This is something I loved doing before when I embraced all the drama in my life. Not that I've left my old self, what with my happy thoughts here and there, but I think I've gone into a new phase of myself I did not know existed. Today, I woke up with things that I am grateful for, and I promise [more like attempt] to try to do this everyday:

  • while I did get attacked by a mild case of food poisoning last night,
    the pain went away this morning and all the medicines worked very well.
  • waking up to the sound of birds chirping and sunshine through the window and through
    my hair.
  • the BF and I will be busy watching The Time Traveler's Wife and Up!,
    something the both of us have been waiting for the longest time.
  • friends like T who stay with you when you cannot get a cab and would have
    to wait for your sundo for another hour. Thank you, ate! :D
  • Getting a glimpse of my country's history through this trailer. The Last Journey of Ninoy is about his last 8 years before his death at the tarmac. 
    I'm so glad they made a movie out of it and this trailer is WOW.

Ninoy Aquino is played by his nephew, Paulo Benigno Aquino IV,
aka Bam, who's a complete deadringer to his hero uncle.
The Last Journey of Ninoy will be premiering in cinemas today
and will be shown simulatenously over ABS CBN, TFC and Studio 23 on Sunday,
10:45 PM.

Happy long weekend to everyone in the Philippines! :)