Can. Not. Write.

It's the worst rain and flood in the history of Manila.
People abandoning their cars, and walking to get home.
Families atop their rooves and waiting for rescue --- it was heartbreaking
to see all these on TV. It made me think that we are not invincible, after all.

I was one of the luckier ones who are situated where there were no
floods, only nonstop rain. But Manila, Marikina, Araneta Ave., Las Pinas and
lots others weren't spared.

I couldn't help but think this is our fault for being one of the 'dirtiest' countries,
but such thought is futile for now.

Please pray for the Philippines.
Typhoon Ketsana, please go away.

** Much as I'd like to write about my new love, Ellana Foundation, and shu uemura loose powder, I'd have to
reserve this for some other time. My heart is too heavy.

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