Please Let it Be the Last...

Metro spared, North hit - 'Pepeng’ slams Cagayan, skirts devastated Metro. Shortly after Metro Manila was ravaged by this b*tch Ondoy, another typhoon came to batter the northern part of the island, Luzon. While I'm extremely grateful that Manila was spared, I was not joyous, either, that it skipped town and made its way to the North.

Still, I'm completely bothered that a lot of troubling things have happened: Ondoy in Manila, Ondoy in Vietnam, the tsunami in Samoa and the earthquake in Indonesia. Something is defenitely wrong and I simply refuse it is an act of God.

Growing  up in a tropical country, I'm no stranger to floods and strong rains. Over the years, I've seen news clips and videos of people walking through floodwater, my friends getting stranded in Espana [a very flood-prone area] and I think I've walked through flood once, too, when I still lived at Dela Rosa St. in Makati, a well-known flood area. Floods are part of our country's DNA. But then again, such tragedy can only be caused by poor planning and citizens who are not mindful of their ways.

I am definitely not being preachy when I say we should all get our acts together and start being more conscious of our actions. I've had my share of contributions to the world's garbage and pollution. I am no saint but I want to do something, a little thing every day for Mother Earth. And I invite you to join me.

R is  for Recycling, It's the only thing left to do.

It starts with little acts. Today, I will have our laundry especially the linens air-dried. No more electric dryer for me. And oh, I will forgo my blow dryer and air conditioning, too.

What about you? What little thing can you do for our environment today?