It's Time! Organizer Winners

I can't believe I forgot about my own contest :[ If it weren't for the very nice Miss Guimba, I wouldn't even remember I should have drawn the winners last January 16th! For that, MG, you get your own organizer!

So before I forget again, here are the winners! I'm feeling generous so I'm making the winners 10, instead of  5!

Nos. 1-10, kindly await an email from me [hopefully you wrote it on your comment!:)]
or if you read this before I send out the emails, [and you, Miss Guimba :)]please email your mailing address to:
tjcabullo [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you for your support, lovelies! It was definitely nice reading all of your goals and being more inspired to make sure mine goes fulfilled. I'm wishing the planners
will help you track them throughout the year and eventually fulfill them.

Again, I'm so sorry for the delayed announcement.