A Piece of T. January Ed.

I like – long holidays that makes one catch up on much needed snoozefests, daily alcohol (oops!) intake and rest. I'm now back to work and I feel incredibly energized after drinking sprees with my cousins + gab time with my girls, I've actually crossed off so many things in my to-do list!

Oh and I likey like this little tip thing from Tumblr:

I don't like: this is kinda tough cos I don't have anything to hate today (yay!). Everything has been really smooth and I'm liking my Monday, which is very, very unusual. If you knew me in person, you'd know I'm very whiny with things so this comes as a surprise.

I want you to know: that I'm having all these positive feelings lately and I think it's brought on by the New Year. New beginnings and all that. I'm very confident that this will be a better year. Not that 2009 was bad, but I can feel things are really bigger for me this year.

I've planned: to run errands for myself like ordering birth certificates and buying new tires which again, came as a surprise cos I was able to do it! Normally, I sleep over things like this and I wait for circumstances to get ugly for me to act on it but I didn't! Hooray!

I want to say to someone special: that I miss you so much and I can't wait to see you, Mom and Dad. :)

How's Tuesday treating you?
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