Happy Birthday, BFF!

Today, my bestfriend for XX years is celebrating her 25th birthday. Incidentally, our last SMS was something about work so obviously she hasn't been thinking about her birthday at all. It must be a good idea to have more and more people greet her on this special day.

Happy Birthday, Dang!

Of course, I swiped a photo of hers from her FB account.

To my bestfriend: Thanks for the wonderful friendship throughout the years. Thanks for putting up with my craziness and for getting the 2009 Bestfriend of the Year award for me and Y. Let's have more fun times this 2010 and for all the years to come. Love you!

Anyhoo, I would just like to ask you dear readers to greet her on this special day through her blog. But before that, let me take you back in time and see some of our photos from some years back. Warning: We look less pretty so please go easy on the laughter LOL.

During our college graduation. Pardon my WTF lipstick.

Goofing around during Public Relations class. Hello Sir Roel!

At EDSA Shangri La Hotel for a PR Event.

Outside my QC home and with our closest college friend, Pau.

With our thesis mates and good friends Pau, Edgar and Rachel
at the foot of some mountain in Liliw, Laguna which name escapes me right now.

There! That's us about six years ago. Any older than those photos are simply
blog suicide, haha!

If you have the time, please hop on over to her page and send her a quick greeting :)
Thank you, loves!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,