Dreaming of Paris

Eeeek! It's a stormy signal #1 here in Manila and the winds are a bit strong, not much rain where I am {Makati}. I suddenly find myself daydreaming of being in Paris, sipping a cup of cafe au lait and twirling my scarf because some cute Parisian guy is looking at me.

So if you're like me, stuck in front of a PC on a rainy, muddy Tuesday night, allow these amazing photos carry you away for at least a few moments.

Profitez des bons moments! {Enjoy the moment!}

I want to be just in this photo right about now.

And even if riding carousels are not my thing, I'd love to be
in here, in the presence of the Eiffel Tower.

Aren't these photos simply breathtaking? For a while, I almost convinced myself I'm transported myself to Paris!

Have a fab Tuesday night! I'm off to go out and have some wine in memory of ... Well, in memory of real happy days. I hope you're having a great night, too, or reminiscing about one.

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

*Image source