Fashion Lusting #0071

On Saturdays that I'm resting from hours of cleaning the house, I sit back and browse endless sites of clothes and fashion layouts. Today's lusting are from brands from my own country. Yipee!

Scallop-hemmed shorts,
Price: Php 780

I  love how incoveniently fasyon the shorts are.
Initially, I was drawn to the silk halter top but the whimsical print
won me over.

Php 900
I can see myself donning this on yet another beach vacation {for when I am great 
at swimming!}. Oh and have I told you how in love I am
with the softest of pinks?

Aruba shorts, Php 850

Again, I was drawn to the polka-dot tube top but I wouldn't mind
wearing this layered pair of shorts for when I'm cooling down before
a sunset. 

Orangy Floral Dress, Php 550
as worn by the fashionista Denise Katipunera

Hot Hot Pink, Php 650

 Blue and White Polka Dress, Php 500
I would totally look like a Stepford wife in this! 

Odessa Little Black Dress

Reese Jumpsuit
Oh how I crush a lot on this jumpsuit!

 The Urice Dress
as worn by the designer Lean Tinio {below}

Now, if only I hadn't maxed out my personal limit on my credit card :|
Mean time, my wants will have to wait.

I wanna be a billionaire.

Images and product details are from:
Thriftaholic Shop
Pearl and Eve