On My Desk

On days that the country is experiencing so much heat, I rarely spend time in my desk {my favorite fixture of all, probably, in my room} because it's near the window and I have to wear sunglasses just so I won't get blinded. However, now that the weather has been cooling down {a bit scary due to typhoons}, I am now back to spending time with my beloved desk.

Most of my entries were born in this desk. I got it at a discounted price, from my aunt who's a supplier of office furniture. I love its smooth wooden finish, the size that is just perfect for the things on it, and because my high-backed chair fits so well in it.

So let me introduce to you... to my desk:

Photo taken using Jimmy Lens from Hipstamatic

1. My office laptop. I was doing a bit of work during the time I took the photo hence this, just had to open it on my blog so it's cuter. I do have a wider laptop for personal use {an Acer Aspire 15.5"} so it usually takes more space. 

2. Inspiration Board/Wall. Whenever I want things and events to happen in my life, I scour magazines or ask friends and relatives for postcards so I can stick them here. At the moment, I still have the magazine cutouts featuring Mexico, postcards of the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and a gift from a dear friend with my name on a Washington DC plate.

3. Picture frames. I'm a sucker for photos, especially if they're printed and framed. I only have four in this desk though: one of myself at the Siam Niramit in Thailand, me and two of my friends at Subic during last year's Ad Congress {and my birthday!}, of myself during my 18th birthday party and one of my girlfriends at our friend L's 18th birthday party {roughly seven years old photo!}. 

4. Pencils, scissors, pens and highlighters. I normally write stuff with pencils first, I have this belief I am more creative with it. =P

5. Scented oil burner. Scents can change my entire mood. If I smell something nice {like the Body Shop's strawberry scented oil, my favorite}, my day is perfect already. I get inspired to write, too, if I smell amazing scents.

6. My Belle de Jour planner. I feel 'scholarly' and generally good about myself when I doodle stuff on a hardbound planner and on a desk. Aside from that superficial reason? Nothing else, really.

7. External Hard Drive, DVD writer and random DVDs. {hidden by the laptop} I feel more comfortable watching movies from my desk than on the couch so I keep whatever's on the pipeline in this table so I can watch whenever I have the time. Right now, it's a DVD of Cougar Town and Under the Tuscan Sun :)

8. Table Lamp. This is not my lamp, actually. This is my brother's {explains why it's black and generic-looking} but he decided he didn't want it on his study table so he just dumped it on mine.

9. Sex and the City Collectible Cards Box. This was a gift from a guy I used to date {who really, really knew me, for some reason}. I love this box and I love seeing it while typing away or working. :)

What about you? What's on your table?