Hot Like Mexico, rejoice! {Uno}

It’s been well more than a week more than a month and probably more since I have been back in Manila from my magical trip from Mexico and to this day, I still have not gotten over the experience I had --- from being reunited with my parents (after two years), to the heavenly breakfast feast I wake up to everyday, to the food that never runs out, to the fizzy margaritas that seem to follow me everywhere I go, to the people I met and talked to, shared stories of culture with, to the hours and hours I spent with myself, identifying and writing down what I really want in life, scaring and surprising myself with my dreams and fears.

Alejandro - Lady Gaga
The OST of my vacation, just because there were so many gorgeous men in Mexico

I honestly do not know where to start for there are too many thoughts that I have with me now. I’'ve been reeling from the jet lag until two weeks after (I am not invincible after all), the unpacking (I only finished a couple weeks ago), the bills (I did shop so much!), the work I left and the thoughts and lessons learned that keeps haunting me every now and then.

Ah, the feeling of fulfilling your wanderlust. It's a disease and a good thing all at the same time. It's like being intoxicated and always wishing for that dose of a drug, like you have withdrawal symptoms of sort whenever you don't get your fill. And then when it's time to write about it? My golly, I really don't know where to start :|

I went to Cancun via Tokyo {a layover that allowed me to wander in their humongous airport, haha}. My heart literally stopped at all the things one can shop for at the Narita International Airport! They had so much beauty stuff I was dumbfounded! Aside from that, being the big ass airport that NRT was, it had its own map and pocket guide. Geezus.

And don't even get me started on all the Asian things you can find.

My next stop was Mexico City, where I stayed for one day so I again had the time to wander around and get lost. I was told that Mexico City was a bit of a dangerous city, especially during elections which was what it was at the time I was there so I stuck close to the airport. Also, Mexico City was a lot like Manila during Christmas. The traffic was so BAD!

Gate 75 of Mexico International Airport
Unfortunately, they do not have wifi like Tokyo {and other Asian countries like SG}
but they had bookstores, however there were limited English books :|

But anyway.

Two hours after I departed from Mexico City, I finally arrived in Cancun and these were what greeted me:

Cancun International Airport. My parents flew here directly from Newark,
avoiding the unnecessary layovers while I had to be on the plane for 26 freaking hours :|

But it was all worth it because of this.

And seeing my parents on top of that but I hadn't really been able to snap a good photo because my mother came charging behind me as I was talking to the front desk, giving me a huge bear hug. Followed by a humongous bear hug from Dad. Now I'm starting to miss them again.

And this. After one hour in the luxurious
bath tub, I buried myself in this bed but woke up after six hours because I cannot
afford to sleep when there's all these gorgeous sights to see!

And THIS. Because the hotel was so fond of intricate desserts but more on the
food on the next post.


We were booked at The Iberostar Hotel Paraiso, a very popular Spanish-owned hotel chain, which head office is located in Mallorca, Spain. I was dumbfounded how many rooms that resort had {roughly 450}, so all guests need a golf cart to be able to move around. What was even more foreign to me was the European way of checking into resorts and beaches was getting an all-inclusive deal, which meant that what you're paying for, you get everything in it already: all your meals, all your drinks, your entertainment {our package included scuba diving which I snubbed, tsk} ALL YOU CAN. I could totally live and hibernate in that place.

At the southern end of the pool, which runs across the entire hotel which
is probably as big as the entire strip of Boracay shores. I'm not kidding.

But it's much nicer on the other end. Plus, they host the parties here,
which start as early as 12 NN.

We went out, too, for a bit of shopping in downtown Cancun
and this is how their normal streets look like.

But being home to one of the new seven wonders of the world,
some establishments looked pyramid-ish!

But it was soooo hot so we just had to stop for some kiwi-strawberry sherbet
from Ben and Jerry's!

It's funny how we have the same currency name in Mexico, PESOS!
{albeit worth so much more}

So, that's it for now. Will write next about my Chichen Itza adventure plus
my dolphin swim and exploring the underground caves of Cancun!

Happy Tuesday!