I Shoulda Been Paying Bills and Doing Adult Things

But here I am dreaming {WTF, again!} about Tokyo this time. And look at the stupidity it can do to me:

For some reason, while I was plotting my escape to the Garden Loft today to write, pencil and paper in hand, I stopped dead in my tracks and had to do an immediate reading on what is dubbed as the superpower of Asia: Tokyo. At once, I had a deep inclination to see Harajuku girls, the pretty boys, outrageously-colored hair and all things kawaii. I want to sniff around for some sakuras, too! And for the first time in the last few weeks, I want to trade off my glass of Chardonnay for a bottle of Asahi {a Japanese beer}.

I want to get lost in translation {ala ScarJo} and I want to see signs, letters, sentences and street signs that I don't understand. I want to be enveloped in a culture that is unabashedly Asian but extremely foreign to me. And yes, I want to be surrounded by Hello Kitty aficionados, too.

And I want to sing to this.

But travel is travel and there's just too much things going on in my life. I don't exactly have the money to burn right now but okay, my Mabuhay Miles can send me to Tokyo but it's darn expensive moving around in the freakin' city! *groan*

Pictures {stolen from a lot of sites in Tumblr, none of them are mine} will just have to suffice.

It's a full-on Japanese girl!

EEEEEE! Japanese Lady Gaga monsters! Kawaii!

Is this Rumi? Oh yes, it is!

Tokyo Bokeh!

Tokyo Skyline is just as pretty :)

Sakura, I want you!

Have you ever had this intense longing to be in a place at once?
Which one?

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